Family Law

We are a community and family-oriented law practice providing legal solutions for North Carolina families.

Family law can involve a much broader range of issues than just divorce and matters of child custody or property division. These other issues include juvenile dependency, domestic abuse and neglect, adoption, prenuptial agreements and marriage contracts and paternity, to name a few.

Lawyers at our firm have served clients in the Iredell County community since 1932. We can advise you of your legal position and represent you in any legal action you wish to take, or defend against. We handle state and federal matters, from property disputes, to construction law, to breach of contract actions.

Family Law Mediations

Although it's not always required, mediation is often the best way to resolve contentious family law issues. This is especially true with regard to divorce-related issues such as child custody, visitation and support.

Because the attorneys at our firm have extensive litigation experience involving divorce, they understand the value of the mediation forum and how much less damaging it can be for all concerned.

Adoption Services

Due to the emotional nature of divorce and the heartbreaking results that sometimes occur, family law is one of the most difficult types of law to practice. Fortunately, there's adoption, which can be a bright spot for everyone by adding a new person to your family. Our attorneys offer advice and services for traditional adoptions, step-parent adoptions, grandparent adoptions and international adoptions as well.

For answers to other questions you may have about our family law practice and the services we provide — call us at either of the phone numbers listed below or contact our firm online using the button below and schedule a time for us to meet with you and talk more.