Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is about legal disputes. They arise in all kinds of contexts and can involve your business, your money or your rights. Rather than simply suffer the consequences of wrongdoing by another party, talk to a lawyer at Crosswhite, Crosswhite & Johnson, PLLC.

Lawyers at our firm have served clients in the Iredell County community since 1932. We can advise you of your legal position and represent you in any legal action you wish to take, or defend against. We handle state and federal matters, from property disputes, to construction law, to breach of contract actions.

Our approach and process is effective because:

  • We listen because we care about our clients and we need to know pertinent facts.
  • We answer questions because we understand how urgent the matter may be to you.
  • We advise you of your options after careful consideration of the law and facts.

You call the shots and we will initiate negotiations with the other party, given your goals and with your directions. Our skills in this area are superlative. If a satisfactory resolution can be achieved without the time and expense of going to court, this may be in your best interest.

We have decades of experience and are ready, willing and able to take your case to court. Pretrial procedure can make or break a case before we step into the courtroom. If trial is necessary, we will aggressively and unwaveringly advocate for you.