North Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers

The law firm of Crosswhite, Crosswhite & Johnson has a strong record of representing individuals throughout the Statesville area. Our attorneys are experienced in criminal defense in addition to family law, real estate, estate planning, civil litigation, business law, elder law, personal injury, and workers’ compensation. Our Statesville criminal defense attorneys represent clients in Mooresville, Troutman, Taylorsville, and Mocksville, in addition to the communities surrounding Winston-Salem and Charlotte. Contact our office today and put our experienced team to work for you.

Protect Your Rights Against Prosecution

Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, you need strong, competent representation. A conviction can be life-altering. You may serve months in jail, lose your job, and even lose your home. A conviction can haunt you when future employment applications require you to explain your record, often making you ineligible for a job opportunity.

Skilled Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Lawyers Serving Statesville Residents

A criminal defense attorney can help you from the very beginning by working to reduce your bail before trial. In some instances, you may be able to negotiate a plea deal or have the charges dropped entirely. But when a case does go to trial, your attorney can try to reduce the charges and work to lower or eliminate your jail sentence or fines. In arguing your case, a skilled attorney can cross-examine police and expert witnesses, present evidence in your favor, and try to get unfavorable evidence and testimony excluded under the constitutional protections available to criminal defendants.

There are legal standards that are used in deciding your particular type of case. For example, a drug possession charge is evaluated using North Carolina’s system of drug sentencing levels. In a possession case, your charges are based on the type of substance involved. The most dangerous drugs are assigned to “Schedule I,” and less powerful drugs like marijuana are at “Schedule VI.” Within each level, there exists a range of potential jail sentences and fines.

Similarly, a Driving While Impaired (DWI/DUI) offense has multiple levels, but these levels are assigned based on an investigation of how “aggravating factors” and “mitigating factors” apply to your particular case. The District Attorney discusses aggravating factors, and your defense attorney discusses mitigating factors, such as a clean driving record or a slight degree of intoxication.

We are skilled in asserting the rights of criminal defendants in a broad range of cases, including assaults, theft, robbery, larceny, embezzlement, fraud, property crimes, disorderly person offenses, serious traffic violations, and sex crimes. The prosecution must prove every element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt to secure a conviction, and our Statesville criminal defense lawyers will devote our energies to making sure your rights are protected and you receive a fair day in court.

Legal Guidance in Injury Claims, Family Law Disputes, and More

Our attorneys have several decades of combined experience not just in criminal matters but in civil litigation and transactions. If you have been in an auto accident, for example, your medical bills may be piling up while your earning power is diminished from injuries. Our attorneys know how to prove the elements of a negligence claim, which is usually how car crash victims seek the money that they need to recover. This requires proving that the defendant had a duty of reasonable care, breached that duty, caused your harm as a result, and forced you to incur actual damages because of the accident. When you’ve been injured by another person’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and possibly more.

When your family is in the process of divorce, we can provide guidance and representation in child visitation, support, and custody disputes. In making any arrangement involving a minor, a court will examine whether it is in the child’s best interests. Generally, the parents will be granted some form of joint custody, unless serious issues like substance abuse or domestic violence are involved. This means that each parent will have the opportunity to spend some time with the child and share the right to make important decisions on the child’s behalf regarding medical treatment, education, religion, and other critical matters.

In some situations, the former spouses may need to modify an arrangement that previously was made regarding child custody and visitation, child support, or spousal support. This requires filing a petition with the court, since failing to comply with an order currently in effect is not permitted. To obtain a modification, the spouse seeking it would need to prove that there has been a substantial change in circumstances. Modifications can be either temporary or permanent, depending on the reason giving rise to them. For example, one parent’s move out of state to a new job might require a permanent change to a visitation arrangement, but a former spouse’s loss of employment might lead to a reduction in child or spousal support only until that person finds a new job.

Our firm safeguards the elderly by assisting with Medicare claims, resolving problems with retirement homes and abuse, and solving guardianship issues. We also assist both young and old alike in crafting wills and other estate planning documents that give people peace of mind by ensuring that the future of their loved ones is protected in accordance with their wishes.

Our attorneys understand the legal details of property transfer and purchase transactions, rental agreements, construction, development, and neighbor disputes. Whether your problem involves a residence or commercial property, real estate issues create high-stakes technical issues in need of thoughtful solutions. You should hire an attorney who can help you steer clear of pitfalls.

Consult an Experienced Iredell County Attorney to Fight Charges or Assert a Claim

If you have criminal concerns, injuries, family trouble, or real estate problems, you need a solution. The legal process can be complex and extremely difficult to navigate. When you need experienced and vigorous representation, you should consider consulting Crosswhite, Crosswhite & Johnson. Our Statesville criminal defense lawyers provide DWI defense and assistance for the accused, and also represent clients in civil matters, throughout Iredell County as well as Alexander and Davie Counties. You can schedule a free consultation by calling (704) 873-7233. You may also use our online contact form if you need a criminal defense attorney in the Statesville area or guidance in a civil matter.